You can set one or multiple tax rates on your products if applicable to your business.

Steps to set tax rates:

1. Click on the Settings module on the left side menu.

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Tax Rates > Add a rate

4. Enter the label and percentage details for your new tax rate.

5. Save your changes.

(Repeat if you have multiple tax rates.)

6. Your tax rates will now appear when setting prices within your inventory. You have the option to assign different tax rates for different products. (Example below: setting up a tax rate for an accommodation item).

Tax rates will now be applied to all bookings and will be part of the total sale price of a product (please note that they won't be added to the original price).

In case you're working with multiple currencies you have an option to set up a different VAT rate for each currency.

VAT parts

The VAT parts component allows a product to be broken into different VAT rates proportionally. This is good for packages where they are made up of a combination of accommodation and services which each have a different rate of taxation.

*** If you would like to set a Tax by using Vat parts, contact the support to enable this setting on your account.

*** Note: if you live in a country where a VAT rate is not a part of your total price (gross price) but is added on top of your NET price, contact general support.

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