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Bookinglayer offers the possibility to connect your account with a the channel manager: MyAllocator. This integration can be used to real-time sync your Bookinglayer calendar with other channels like and AirBnb to save time and prevent overbookings from happening. Please note that in order to use this service you will need a MyAllocator account. Prices can be found on their website

This article explains how to set up the connection between the channel manager and your Bookinglayer account. Not sure whether MyAllocator would be valuable to your business? Feel free to contact our sales team for advice.

How to start using MyAllocator 

To integrate your Bookinglayer account with MyAllocator, make sure you have your MyAllocator account login and password ready.

  1. Log in to MyAllocator

  2. Click on Manage

  3. Click PMS Connections

  4. In the drop-down menu, select Bookinglayer

  5. Click Add.

A screen will pop up with your active connection. The next step is to activate your MyAllocator account in your Bookinglayer Backoffice.

6. Copy the Token in your MyAllocator account (Manage > PMS Connections)

7. Go to your Bookinglayer Backoffice. Click on Settings > Integrations > MyAllocator and paste the token in the PMS token field.

8. Click on Save Changes

Now it's time to set up your rooms in your MyAllocator Account. 

9. Enter your MyAllocator Account and click on Manage > Room Types > New Room Type.

10. Please note that you have to add a MyAllocator Room Type for each physical room in Bookinglayer. So, if you have 10 double rooms in your Inventory, you will have to create 10 MyAllocator Room Types.

11. Please make sure that all room types, occupancies and number of rooms match your Bookinglayer settings.

Lastly, you have to connect each Bookinglayer room to the Room Types you've just set in MyAllocator.  This action is called Room Mapping.

12. Enter your Bookinglayer account and go to Inventory > Accommodation, then click on the room you would like to map. Scroll down to the MyAllocator section and connect the Bookinglayer Accommodation to the corresponding Room Type just set in your MyAllocator account.

If the accommodation has room quantities, then map each "child" room (subproduct) with the corresponding room type from MyAllocator.

We strongly suggest that you have one room type in MyAllocator and your channels for each physical room on your property and map 1 to 1. To know more, please check Room mapping guidelines to connect with MyAllocator and channels.

13. If you have configured an accommodation as shared in Bookinglayer but would like to sell it as private through channels, make sure to set the room type in MyAllocator and channels as private and turn on the setting in Bookinglayer to adjust the way in which the availability is synchronized.

14. Choose the Channels you'd like to work with. MyAllocator offers integrations with various channels that could be valuable to your business, like AirBnb,, Surf Holidays and many more. Add channels to your MyAllocator account via Manage > Channels > Add Channel.

14. Did you have a MyAllocator account before? You can Import your existing bookings to your Bookinglayer Calendar. Simply go to Settings > Integrations > MyAllocator and click on Import Bookings.

15. The final step is to Export the availability from your Bookinglayer calendar. This will sync your availability with MyAllocator and therefore all your relevant channels.


  • Make sure to add as partners in Bookinglayer, under Sales > Partners, the channels you will connect with. Like this bookings will be flagged with the partner's name and logo.

  • You will have to set your room rates (prices) in both Bookinglayer and MyAllocator. Please note these rates can differ from each other. That is, you'll be able to set different prices for bookings that come in via one of your channels, and those that are booked directly through your website. 

  • Bookinglayer will always be the main calendar with regards to availability. Do not adjust your availability settings in MyAllocator. This can result in syncing issues and can possibly lead to overbookings and/or unbookable rooms.

  • Cancellations or modifications of bookings in your channels will be communicated to Bookinglayer's Backoffice. 

Your rooms are now mapped and both calendars from MyAllocator and Bookinglayer will be synchronised. Whenever you receive a booking from any channel that you have set with MyAllocator, your Bookinglayer calendar will be updated in real-time.

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