Before you set up your accommodation you will need to set your "Room Types" in Settings > Inventory > Room Types.

Room types are defined by name, type, gender, and capacity.

For example, you may have a private double room, and a shared twin room. In this case, you will need to enter two different room types and set one as private, the other as shared.

Add a new room type

1. Click on the "Add a room type" button

2. Give the room type a Title

3. Set the capacity of the room (how many people can fit)

3. Set the room as shared or private (if shared, then 2 unrelated bookers can be put in the same room together)

4. Set the capacity of the room (how many people can fit)

5. Set the gender restrictions of the room (for example male-only or female-only dorms). The 'First Booking Decides' option lets the first booking in a certain room decide the gender restrictions for that period of time.

From here, you can set your various accommodations in the Inventory module. Watch this video for more information on how to add accommodation. 

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