In your General Settings > Invoicing, you can decide whether you want to use the advanced or the standard invoice layout.

We recommend using the standard version, as it is created automatically and you don't need to change details in your template section. It takes all company and tax details from your general settings, as well as as your company address and logo.

Standard Invoice Version (recommended)

When switching to ‘Standard’ Bookinglayer uses a standard invoice template that has proven to work for most businesses and is easier to maintain. The main advantage of the new Standard version is a fresher look and the addition of the breakdown of tax rates.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Standard Layout

New Look

  • Your invoices now have a header that contains both your company’s and the customer’s contact details. You can also customise the header and add booking references and other information that you consider important.

  • The option to add a footer allows you to subtly add payment terms and handling to your invoices.

  • Several columns make your invoices clearer and easier to understand for your customers.

More detailed item description

  • Your invoices can now not only show the name, quantity and price of your items, but can also show the tax component for each product.

Breakdown of tax rates

  • The new invoice now also contains a separate small table on the bottom left that breaks down your total taxes into different tax rates such as food, accommodation, and more.

In your General Settings > Invoicing, you can also define what should or should not show on the invoice, such as discounts, totals, names of guests or guest groups (in case you are using this feature).

Advanced Invoice Version (can do, but not ideal)

The advanced invoice template can be customised in the Automation Section of your backoffice (you can only see this template if you chose the Advanced Invoice Version in your General Settings). Please note that the invoice table cannot be customised with this invoice layout.

The above invoice template will look as follows in a PDF version:

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