Steps on how to add partners

1. Click on the Sales module on the left side menu.

2. Click on Partners.

3. Click on Add a partner.

4. Create your partner or select one from the list

5. Enter a name.

6. Enter a website URL

7. Enter a Partner email (if applicable)

8. Enter the partner commission percentage

9. Choose the initial status of the partner booking

10. Enter a tracking code (if applicable, see more here)

11. Choose the Policy for Automated Emails & Rules. You can disable automated emails if you do not want the booker to receive an email from Bookinglayer. For example, somebody may book through LUEX and will be expecting a confirmation email from LUEX.

12. Save your changes.

All of your partners, their commission percentages, and settings will be displayed in this list.

Steps on how to assign a Partner to a Booking

You can assign a partner manually to a booking when you get a referral.

1. Click on Bookings on the left side menu. (There are also other ways of accessing a booking page - through the calendar, customer's tab...)

2. Click on Bookings.

3. Select the booking you want to assign a partner to.

4. At the bottom right corner of the booking page, you will see a Referral drop-box where all your partners will show. Click and choose which partner would you like to assign to this booking.

5. After step 3, you will see a box saying that your referral has been added.

The booking will now be listed on the Referrals (Bookings > Referrals) tab.

With the MyAllocator integration, your partner bookings will automatically enter your Calendar. Click here to read more.

Granting a Partner access to your Backoffice

We have been working on an option to give partners or affiliates access to your Backoffice to make direct bookings. They will have restricted access and only be able to view your availability. All bookings made from your partners will automatically be assigned to that partner, with the applicable commission, and will track in your referrals list in the planning module.

To learn how to create and configure this option please refer to The Partner Login.

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