Please note that the split payment function is only available for group bookings (bookings with two or more guests). 

To activate split payments, enter the Booking page and select the On option from the dropdown menu under the Split Payments section:

Please note that the split payment will take into consideration the corresponding deposit amount relevant to the booking. In the example below, the deposit is set to 100%. This means that the total amount of the booking will be split between all guests. 

After turning the split payments option On and refreshing the page, a summary line of total and the due amount will appear under each guest of the booking:

In the customer portal, each guest will have a specific payment link to pay their balance. The guests can decide to either pay the required deposit or the full amount.

The payment link leads to the payment page, which will show the required deposit or balance to be paid.

Split payments and discounts

Note: It is not possible to split payments once a discount has been applied. This happens because the discount lies on one single invoice line and the system doesn't know how to distribute the discount amongst the guests when splitting payments.

That being said, the split payment option functions the best when the Initial Booking Status is set to Request, as you will be able to turn the split payment option on before you accept the booking and ask for the deposit (turn the booking status to pending).

If you would like to apply a discount on the booking, it's very important that you apply the discount AFTER the split payment has been enabled.

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