Follow the steps below in order to generate the SEF file

1. Go to Planning > SEF and select the date range of which data should be displayed.

2. Select which guests should have their data exported.

3. Generate the SEF file by clicking on the download icon. Bookinglayer will generate a .dat file that can be uploaded to the SIBA website.

After downloading the SEF file, login to the SIBA portal (link) and upload the .dat generated file.

SIBA settings

To upload the SEF file to SIBA, the sent method for "Envio de Boletins" has to be set to "Upload de ficheiros".

If your accessing SIBA for the first time, click on "Inscrição" > "Registro de nova unidade hoteleira" (link) and fill in the form below. Make sure to mark the option "Envio de Boletins" to "UPLOAD DE FICHEIROS".

If you already have set up a "Unidade Hoteleira" in SIBA with a different sent method, you can change it to "Upload de ficheiros" by contacting their support.

You can check what method you have in place by accessing this link.

To upload the SEF generated file from BL to SIBA, please refer to "Entrega de Boletins" > "Carregamento de ficheiros" through this link.

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