The arrivals and departures list will show guests with accommodation that arrive or depart in the set period.

1. Access the Arrivals or Departures tab in the Planning module

2. Select the desired date range on the date picker to load the results

Tip 1: For arrivals and departures, you can filter the guests based on the status of their booking, their transfer location or if they have booked a transfer service.

Tip 2: you can add and remove table columns that correspond to guest data by clicking on the grid icon to see the multiple options.

Tip 3: You can print or download these lists as PDF or Excel files.

Please note that the Package column will display the abbreviation of the package, not the package's title. You can set the package abbreviation under the Backoffice section in the package's settings.

The abbreviation will be displayed when it is included inside the package. Otherwise, no package abbreviation will be displayed.

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