The Financials tab allows you to see various reports related to your business financials.

How to access your Financial Reports? 

1. Go to the Reports module 

2. Click on Financials

Here you will be able to access the different tabs for various reports: summary, payable VAT, payment methods, payable commissions, and your invoice report. 


The Summary report provides information about sales, revenue, deferred revenue, receivables and the amount of VAT that needs to be paid.

1.  Select the year and currency you'd like to view

2. Please note you're able to view the data per month and quarter, as well as the totals of the year 

3. Not exactly sure what each column represents? You'll get some extra information by clicking on the question mark next to the column titles.

Payable VAT

The Payable VAT tab displays information according to the tax types set in your General Settings. Please note that if you haven't configured these, this report will not display any data. The data in this tab is generated from your existing bookings in the selected year.

Payment Methods

This is a report of your revenue, broken down into the various payment methods set in your account. 

1. Select the year of which you'd like to see the report

2. Now you can view the amount received per payment method

3. Your data is available for every quarter of the year 

4. as well as for every month individually 

Payable commissions

This report is only relevant if you work with partners. It gives you an overview of the payable commissions of the selected year:

1. Per partner,

2. And per month or quarter of the year

Invoice Report

The invoice report can be downloaded as an Excel or PDF file. Your report is fully customisable, as you can choose between different settings to be shown. For example, 

  1. whether the report is based on booking date or arrival date,

  2. the year of the bookings,

  3. a certain period of time,

  4. different currencies,

  5. select your Backoffice categories,

  6. and only show various booking statuses

  7. If desired, don't forget to save your Report as PDF or Excel file.

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