How to access the Day Planner

1. Go to Planning > Planner > Day Planner

2. Select the day you want to get planning details from

3. Select which inventory items you would like to see: your packages, accommodation, activities...

4. Now you can see what events and activities are happening on the selected date and the assigned guest's data

Understanding the Day Planner

1. Tables

The left side table allows you to filter by product types and categories. It will display the number of guests related to every inventory item you choose to display.

The right side tables display details of each guest related to a specific inventory item.

2. Table columns

You can expose additional columns based on guest data to help you with your planning. Click on the grid button and select the columns you would like to expose (e.g diet).

3. Exporting

You can decide to export as an Excel file all tables or just a specific one related to an inventory item. You will find the general download button in the top configuration. You will find the specific download button on the top right corner of the table.

4. Deleting booking lines

From the Day Planner, you can remove items from the guest's booking. To do this, click on the check-box icon on the top right corner of the table, mark the guests you would like to remove the item from their booking and finally click the red button "delete booking lines".

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