How to access the Day Planner

1. Click on the Planning module 

2. Click on Day Planner 

3. Select the day you want to get planning details from

4. Select which inventory items you would like to see: your packages, accommodation, activities...

5. Now you can see what events and activities are happening on the selected date.

Understanding the Day Planner

1. The left side table shows the number of people related to each inventory item you choose to display.

2. The right side tables shows details of each guest related to a specific inventory item.

Notice that per Inventory item, you will have the possibility to select which columns you want to be shown in the table. Imagine, you have a dinner tonight with all your guests, and you want to see the diet information of each guest assigned to that particular dinner. 

3. Click on the columns button and select the column 'Diet'.

Like this you're able to enable/disable different columns and, if necessary, export the information into a PDF or Excel file. 

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