This article explains how you can easily create a booking in your Calendar. This might be useful in situations in which you receive a booking request via any other channel than your Frontoffice and hence manually have to add the reservation to your Backoffice. Think about situations in which you might receive a phone call, an e-mail, or when someone visits your business to ask for availability. 

How do I make a Backoffice Booking?

1. In your Calendar, choose the room you want to book the customer into and click on the desired arrival date.

2. A screen will appear with two main tabs: Accommodation and Package. Now, you are able to choose the desired package or choose for accommodation-only if applicable.

3. Select the Pax, the Package, and the Number of nights you want to book. The latter will be filled in automatically in case you selected a package with a fixed number of nights. Please note that the system will only display a list of packages that are available in combination with the accommodation previously selected.

4. Enter the Booker details, and if desired, the Guest details.

5. The system will fetch the price of the selected package automatically from the Inventory settings. Please note that you can click on the cog icon next to the price in order to change the amount.

6. Click on Finish booking.

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