The Dashboard in the Reports Module of your Backoffice offers an extended overview of valuable data and information with regards to your revenue, occupancy, and sales. This is how your Dashboard looks like:

The upper part of your Dashboard gives you quick overview of the ongoing year. Here, you are able to see the number of the bookings, revenue, occupancy and number of guests. You can choose to view this information according to the booking date or arrival date. 

Bookings overview
This section gives a more detailed overview of the bookings and the Inventory Items that have been sold. Amongst others, this sections allows you to track:

  • the number of bookings per month

  • the bookings received through partners

  • the number of reservations per Inventory item (accommodation, activities, etc.)

Lastly, your Dashboard will show you: 

  1. the best selling package(s)

  2. the average stay of your guests

  3. the average value of bookings made 

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